“Professional photographers understand the importance of light
and how to capture a space at the right time for the highest visual impact.
Based on the position of the property, they know if it’s best to
shoot at sunrise, sunset, or anywhere in between.”
—Sunny Lake Hahn

the BUDGET LOOK or. . .

Cluttered, Old-fashioned, WORN

Potential buyers are easily distracted from buying by:

FLOWERS: Fake, fabric, plastic flowers, plants or trees
FLOORS: THROW RUGS under 8′ x 10′ square feet

FURNITURE: Crowded, unnecessary pieces. No room to walk
LIGHT:  Spotted windows and burned-out light bulbs

DECOR:  KNICK-KNACKS, dish towels, religious art, tissue boxes
WALLS:  Scattered personal art; FAMILY PHOTOS (no, no, no)

DINING:  Over-crowded or partial table-settings
BATHS:  Faded, unfolded towels; bath rugs; used soap

BEDS: Wrinkled spread; lumpy mattress; flabby, flat pillows
EXTERIOR: Yard art, dead plants, trees and debris

(c) imagineSedonaphotography LLC 2018


Fresh, Uncluttered, Warm, INVITING

Triggers positive feeling/energy for your property:

FLOWERS: Fresh flowers 1 color (red, green, yellow or white)
FLOORS:  Bare. N.O. small throw rugs

FURNITURE:  Less is best. Minimalist number of pieces
LIGHT:  Clean windows. ALL working light bulbs. Lighted candles

DECOR:  UNCLUTTERED counter-tops, tables, cabinet-tops
WALLS:  Minimal, no personal photos. No knick-knacks

DINING:  Complete table setting (optional).  Wine + glasses (nice)
BATHS:  White fluffy towels, NO rugs. NO brown/beige towels

BEDS: SPA-LIKE: wrinkle-free, puffy pillows, smooth mattress
EXTERIOR: Landscaped patios, balconies, entrances

(c) imagineSedonaphotography LLC 2018

If an object is:
1. “CUTE”: put it in a closet and lock the door
2. USED FOR CLEANING: hide it so buyers won’t think of “dirt”
3. MEDICAL: put it away so buyers won’t think of “sickness or pain”

Finally, FAMILY-PHOTOS have a time and place, but, this is NOT it.
Your photos distract buyers from their true purpose: to buy your home.
Buyers need to imagine their family in your home, NOT yours.