In Sedona and Cottonwood it’s our unique, red rock mountain views that close real estate deals. That’s why we take photos on sunny days with blue skies—from any and every window, porch, front yard, doorway, driveway, balcony, back yard and patio. We specialize in making sure every fabulous desert life-style view is accounted for with clear, natural-color photos.

It is absolutely true a great first impression makes all the difference, especially in real estate transactions. This is why the very first 3-second glimpse of your house or property must be as close to perfection as is photographically possible.  It MUST be a WOW! photo or buyers won’t take the time to look further.


SUNSET photos are often called glamour shots for homes. These luxury shots are especially eye-catching to potential buyers—it’s all that glowing, sparkling golden light. Homes in the Sedona, Verde Valley and Cottonwood areas are geographically favored for this type of breath-taking image. Sunsets are precious because in this part of Arizona they come often and in spectacular color combinations; magic happens when the brilliant violet-gold rays of the setting sun strike fleeting cloud formations. That’s when we take the shot that is priceless—but often worth millions. Contact us for Rates.


Home owners count on photo images that reveal the best parts of their house in a true and natural light.  Our standards are high, we specialize in photographing homes where the agent and home owner are deeply invested in selling for the best price in the shortest time frame—our photos help speed the process.


Almost every home in Sedona and Cottonwood, not just the luxury homes, benefits from a wide-angle PANORAMIC view that shows off the natural red rock mountains and vivid skies that are only found in this area. Buyers from around the world are attracted to our area because of these sights…we show them to your advantage.

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