I’ve lived in Sedona for over 22 years and I’m still discovering wonderful, new spaces, places and people. My work as an architectural photographer began about 6 years ago as an extension of my appreciation for the beauty and ancient heritage that surrounds us here in Sedona.


I wasn’t always a photographer, but I’ve been a communications artist for most of my life. My university studies focused on psychology and adult education and included a dose of commercial art at Wayne State University and The Society of Arts and Crafts. I earned a Ph.D from The University of Michigan, maintained a private practice and later worked exclusively with corporate executives developing marketing and sales strategies for Fortune 500 corporations. The common thread throughout was communication—visual mass marketing; and negotiating. Today I use what I learned from decades of professional experience in exciting new ways—as an architectural photographer.

Our goal is to work with you and your clients—as a photographic catalyst.

The first time I photographed a home I experienced a major Aha! moment. I realized that real estate photos were a special kind of communication and a critical part of major financial/lifetime negotiations. I make sure the home owner’s interest is represented in a professional and visually attractive way. This means I take photos with my Nikon D750 camera and use the most up-to-date photo processing software and techniques. My emphasis on color, light and shadow results in top-quality, luxury photographs that evoke positive emotional responses (sales) from prospective buyers.


Let imagineSedona tell the story of your property or business in a series of stunning, attention-grabbing images that attract clients.

Email, text or call: (928) 204.1381